Have you seen allergy bracelets for sale and wondered whether they were really necessary? For people with slight allergies which are just an annoyance, allergy bracelets are not a necessity, but for those who can go into anaphylactic shock from exposure to an allergen, an allergy bracelet can be life-saving.

Allergy Bracelets Save Lives

Young Children Can’t Advocate for Themselves

Allergy bracelets are especially helpful for children who are too young to tell others what they can and can’t eat. Even verbal kids may not know to ask about ingredients in a food they don’t recognize or to realize that the pizza Mom serves them isn’t the same as the pizza at the birthday party. An allergy bracelet is obviously not a substitute for parental vigilance, but it can serve as a reminder to daycare workers, teachers and friends’ parents.

What to Do in an Emergency

When an adult or teen goes into anaphylactic shock they are no longer able to advocate for themselves. An allergy bracelet which states their allergy will help bystanders and medical professionals understand what has caused the shock. If the bracelet mentions an epipen, helpful passersby can find it and administer it while waiting for emergency services to show up. Quick administration of an epipen can literally be a lifesaver in this situation.

Contact Information

When there’s an emergency, it’s important that first responders know who to call to inform about the emergency. An allergy bracelet should include a phone number, so that next of kin can be informed quickly and can arrive at the hospital in a timely manner. All patients need someone healthy to advocate for them in a hospital setting, especially if they are groggy and out of it when they come to.

Where to Get Allergy Bracelets

Allergy bracelets are available online from sites such as AllerMates and through Medical ID jewelry sites like Lauren’s Hope.