If your vacation is stressful and hectic, you are likely to need a vacation from your vacation. This happened to one of our clients recently. Susan wrote us this letter:

Dear Food Allergy Concierge,

I am writing to you because you are my last chance at getting a real vacation. Last year, we traveled to Italy on a family vacation with our son who is allergic to eggs, peanuts, tree nuts and sesame. We knew we wouldn’t be able to eat in most restaurants, so we rented an apartment with a full kitchen.

Vacation from Vacation Allergies

I swear I spent the first day just cleaning and making sure that cross-contact would not be an issue. And then I had to go shopping and figure out which local products were allergy-free. Every morning, I got up early to cook an allergy-free breakfast and then washed the dishes before packing our lunches and heading out for a full day of touring. When we got home, exhausted and worn out at the end of each day, I couldn’t rest, because I had to make dinner, serve and wash dishes (again). It was so frustrating to see families around me enjoying stress-free evenings out in restaurants while I knew a whole evening of cooking still awaited me. 

When I finally got to my bed, I just lay there imagining how much easier vacations would be if we could eat some of our meals at restaurants, if someone else would pack our lunches and if we had someone to tell us what local ingredients were safe to eat. 

Vacation from Vacation

When we got back home, I told my husband that we were not taking any more family vacations. He helped out a lot, but somehow most of the mental and physical burden was still on me, and I didn’t really get to enjoy our family time. Instead of making fun memories, I mostly remembered the hard work and exhaustion. I literally felt more exhausted when I got home than I had been before I left! It's true that our family had a pretty good time, but I felt like a dishrag and couldn't possibly do it all again.

My husband agreed that we would not take another vacation like that one, but a friend told him about you guys and I decided to write and see if you can offer me a way to take a real vacation.


Of course, we immediately called Susan and discussed all her options. We let her know that we can help create an itinerary, meet with hotel and restaurant chefs to arrange allergy-safe meals and supervise each meal. We will inspect all packaged items to check for allergens and will even provide medical supervision if necessary. Susan was so relieved to find out that she didn’t have to give up on international travel with her family! We’re already helping her plan her next trip - this time, to Greece - and she’s looking forward to some serious downtime.

We are privileged to make vacations fun for so many moms. Our custom trips are truly transformative for families. For more information on our allergy-free travel services, email