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EpiPen VS Auvi-Q

As most of you are aware, there are many different types of epinephrine auto-injectors available these days. Up until recently, EpiPens ruled the marketplace. But recently, a new product, Auvi-Q has been getting a lot of buzz.

Is Auvi-Q the same as Epi-Pen?

The answer is no, Epipen and Auvi-Q are not the same, but they are very similar. Although they contain the same medication, they deliver the medication via two different devices. These products are not interchangeable (meaning your pharmacist couldn't give you Auvi-Q instead of Epi-Pen without a new Rx or the doctor's approval); however, since they only differ in the delivery device, your doctor may choose to substitute one for the other to ensure you have access to this life-saving medication.

In a true anaphylactic emergency, there may be the rare instance where the patient prescribed Auvi-Q doesn't have it available, or vice-versa. If, for whatever reason, an unexpired, unused Epi-Pen or similar generic were immediately at hand, we wouldn't hesitate to administer it to the victim if the alternative is to do nothing and wait for EMS.

Is there a difference in price between EpiPen and Auvi-Q ?

There is a big price difference. One of the most popular auto-injectors, EpiPen,costs upwards of $650 for a pack of two auto-injectors, making it unaffordable for many people in need. EpiPen’s generic version ofepinephrine is not much better at about half the price of the brand drug. 

Another choice for epinephrine pen is Auvi-Q which costs half of the price of an EpiPen and is also very good. During the EpiPen pricing controversy, manufacturer Kaléo made it their mission to develop an affordable auto-injector and released Auvi-Q as a result. The average cash price for Auvi-Q is less expensive than EpiPen but the price remains high that’s why Kaléo decided to offer the drug to many patients for free through the Kaléo Cares Patient Assistance Program.

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 What are the pros and cons to both?


  • Because they dominated the market for so long, EpiPens are recognizable. In an emergency, that might mean someone who does not have food allergies may know to look for one and may be familiar with what to do with it.
  • They are larger (especially because you’re carrying two of them), ensuring that they are easy to find in a purse or sports bag when seconds count.
  • EpiPens have been in use for a long time, making them tried and tested. However, there have been some functionality issues that were addressed several years ago.
  • Because they are large and you must carry two, EpiPens are sometimes cumbersome  to carry.
  • In a panic, you have to either remember your injection instructions or read them on the outside of the pen itself – something that someone who is frazzled may have trouble concentrating on.


  • There’s no doubt about it, Auvi-Q is sleek and small. This is likely appealing to teenagers who may be tempted to leave their epinephrine at home.
  • The needle retracts after injection, eliminating the possibility of accidental pricks, scratches, or lacerations.
  • It instructs you! So, even if you’ve never touched an auto-injector before, chances are you could properly administer epinephrine using the Auvi-Q.
  • It fits in your pocket. We think this will be very helpful to both adolescents and men. Women carry bags, so no matter the size of the auto-injector, it likely fits. But men… well, the “Murse” doesn’t look like it’s catching on. Dads can stick the Auvi-Q in their pocket while they’re out on the town with the kids. 
  • Auvi-Qs are about the size of a deck of cards. Remember: you need to carry two.
  • Again, this makes it convenient for a pocket, but less so for locating it in a large purse.

So, what do we decide to do? Well, we chose both! 

You want your babysitters and other visitors to your house to have the emergency instinct to go for what they know: the EpiPens. 

But, you also want to have the convenience of carrying the Auvi-Q for your children to ensure that your emergency meds are always on hand.

Both Auvi-Q and EpiPens have a solid place in the marketplace. Both administer epinephrine which saves lives!

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What Our Clients Say

Meticulous in their preparations

During our recent visit to Israel, we really struggled to find food for our son who has anaphylactic level allergies to egg and sesame. We approached both restaurants and hotels and were told they were unable or unwilling to take responsibility for preparing his food.

 After learning about Dr. Eliana on-line, we contacted her in the hopes that she could provide a ‘normal’ restaurant experience for our family.

 Both she and Shani were meticulous in their preparations with the restaurants to ensure that our son had a wonderful and safe experience.

 We truly appreciate their efforts to take care of our son, and to provide us with a lovely vacation experience.

T.M., Chicago, USA

Comfortable, calm, and at ease

We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the amazing gift you have given us over this Pesach- the gift of having you with us!!!!

We have NEVER felt more comfortable, calm, and at ease than we did these past 10 days. Your warmth, professionalism, kindness, and care shown through in all that you did.

My children are so grateful that they were able to be with you this Pesach. You made sure that they were so well looked after and they felt so at ease and comfortable with you! You were so amazing and approachable to them! And they LOVED all the food you so amazingly prepared (supervised allergy-free food preparation, managed menus) for them!

It’s very difficult for us to trust people when it comes to our kids and allergies. You magically were able to take away ALL of our anxieties, and nervousness (and we don’t give that away so easily!!)

We can never fully thank you enough. We truly feel that you instantly became part of our family and we look forward to G-d willing being able to be with you and plan amazing trips with you many many many more times!!!! 

CO, Canada
April 2016

Very Helpful

Thank you and may Hashem bless you for the work you do. My son Jacob said your allergy card has been very helpful. I am so grateful- beyond words.

Yasher Koach!
L.R., NY, NY

Delicious and Safe

Thank you for delivering our allergy free baked goods to our hotel.  We just tasted the focaccia and it was delicious!

All the best,

S.C., New Jersey

Thank You

We can't thank you enough for assembling this top-notch team of specialists to work with our daughter while she is in Israel.

T.G., Philadelphia, PA

The Allergy Card was Extremely Helpful

"Food Allergy Concierge assisted us with a very helpful, detailed customized allergy card in Hebrew.  The Allergy card was extremely helpful for multiple allergies and allowed us to eat safely in several eateries and hotels. Highly recommended.”

G.A. Illinois USA

Allergy Free baked goods for the lockdown

My family ordered a week's worth of food from Food Allergy Concierge during the most recent lockdown. Having the food on hand, and knowing that it was safe for everyone in the family to eat, helped turn the lockdown into a stay-cation! We were still able to take a break from cooking and worrying, and we look forward to using FAC's services again in the future.

Very easy to order and communicate your needs

We are so lucky we found this company to help us while our son was traveling. They provided allergy-safe baked goods and delivered them to his hotel so he could have bread and pastries on his month-long Israel trip. It was very easy ordering and communicating his needs. I would definitely use the food allergy concierge again the next time he travels to Israel.

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