Hungry?  Want to grab a snack after night seder?  Your friends are all gathering around (ok, maybe a bit less with social distancing ? ) chowing down on burgers, fries or pizza and you are crunching your apple.  That is the unfortunate reality of the life of an allergic kid during their gap year.  It’s such a hard decision.  Stay in North America where you know you are safe from allergens (clearly labelled and a general awareness), or go to Israel where there is no awareness and no labelling, but be with your friends and have a year of learning in Israel.  This is the difficult decision every child faces before their gap year. 


Most restaurants are off limits in Israel due to food allergies.  The only one that we have found to be safe is one particular pizza chain.  While it’s great that a child can have pizza, what about if they are allergic to dairy, or gluten?  What about if they don’t want pizza that much?  It’s fine for the first few weeks, but after a while kids need variety.

How can this be managed? 

It’s a tough call.  You can call ahead and speak with the management, but then what happens if the manager changes?  Or they change the bakery they use?  There are always ways around things here in Israel.  You just need to dedicate the time and have the patience to wait ‘Israeli’ style ?. 


Coming to Israel is a once in-a-lifetime experience.  Having allergies should not stop a child from that experience.  As the road sign says, proceed with caution. 

Happy eating!