If you’re raising a child with life-threatening allergies, you are not alone - there is a lot of food allergy support available online. It can be hard to wade through all the information to find the most reliable and helpful online resources, so we’ve done the hard work for you. Here are our 5 favorite resources:

Kids with Food Allergies

The Kids with Food Allergies website is a project of the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. It has a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions, lots of great recipes and useful free guides. It also offers a free online course which is perfect for parents who have just received an allergy diagnosis for their child and don’t know where to start.


AllergyEats makes use of user reviews to bring you the most up-to-date and accurate information about which restaurants are allergy-friendly and what to expect at each one. You can search by location and/or restaurant name and filter for all relevant allergies. The site also ranks restaurants and creates list of the most friendly chains, which can be extremely helpful when you’re on a road trip. At Food Allergy Concierge, we like to add our own reviews of restaurants we have worked with, to help build the database.

Food Allergy Support

Allergic Living

The Allergic Living Magazine was founded in 2005 to “be an invaluable tool to the allergy, celiac and asthma communities.” It’s chock-full of information and includes an Ask the Allergist column. If you’re looking to feel less alone, or just be inspired, head over to the Your Stories page and browse the personal accounts of managing allergies.


Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) collects all the basic information you need to know about allergies. One cool feature is the ability to filter resources based on milestone, so you can read about managing allergies at camp, in college or while dating. You can also join FARE’s patient registry, where you answer survey questions and help advance medical research on allergies. FARE also has offline events, which Food Allergy Concierge attends regularly.


Sometimes there’s no replacement for speaking to people just like you dealing with the same issues. Facebook groups such as Dining Out with Food Allergies and Parents of Children With Multiple Food Allergies are excellent places to ask questions and get quick answers to the questions and dilemmas that crop up on a daily basis. You can also share what you have learned on your journey and help others manage their allergies or their children’s allergies more efficiently.

These are our favorite food allergy support resources. What are your favorite online resources?