Whether you are just being diagnosed with food allergies for the first time in your life, or it is your child that is dealing with the difficulties, you have just been given a whole host of new responsibilities. Among those responsibilities – and arguably one of the most important ones – is remembering to take your EpiPen with you everywhere you go. What are some creative ways to stay on top of your EpiPen’s whereabouts and ensure that you never leave home without it?

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Buy Two

The easiest solution is to buy two. Many EpiPen’s come as a package pair in case of emergencies and this can make your morning stress much simpler. By having an EpiPen remain permanently inside your or your child’s bag, you never have to worry about leaving it behind. Just make sure to remember to replace it when it expires and keep it tucked away in a safe pocket that it can’t fall out of. Keep the other pen in a safe and accessible place inside your home that remains permanent, so that there is never any confusion in an emergency situation.

Keep it With Your Keys

Most people have a key dish, or rack, or corner. Someplace in their home where their keys are kept. Given that most outings will require some type of key – car or house – leaving your EpiPen with your keys can help you remember to take it. The tricky part here it remembering to put your EpiPen back for the next time. Wouldn’t want to accidentally leave it in and take the wrong bag.

Make A Checklist

For some people, having a sign or checklist on their door helps them keep track of everything they may need. This isn’t exclusive to EpiPen’s. You can make a checklist reminding you to take your phone and even turn off the light. Simply add EpiPen to your list and make sure to check it off before you leave the house every time. Remember, the checklist only works if you stick to it consistently.


The great thing about phones is that any information you need comes right to your palm. The same way that you schedule a reminder in your calendar, you can schedule a reminder to take your EpiPen. If you know that you’re going out later that day, set up a reminder a few minutes before you’re set to leave so you don’t forget to take your EpiPen while in a rush. 

Plan Ahead

If you know that you aren’t good in the morning, or that you have a busy day coming up, then don’t leave remembering your EpiPen up to chance. Instead take the time to stay organized the night before. Pack your bag when you are clear headed and make sure you have everything you need. This time will allow you to one, make sure that you haven’t forgotten your EpiPen at home, and two, to keep track on the whereabouts of your EpiPen in your bag, in case of emergency.

Stick to a Schedule

Many humans are creatures of habit. Sticking to a schedule allows us to get things done on a more consistent basis and can help us remember things without putting in any conscious effort. By adding your EpiPen to part of your consistent schedule, it may become easier for you to remember to take it. Kind of like brushing your teeth or washing your hands. Try and pack it away at the same time every day and always with the same things. Grab your keys, your wallet, your EpiPen and be on your way.

Double Check

Get yourself into the habit of double checking. It can be annoying to give your kitchen one last runover to make sure that nothing was left on the counter, but it’s a habit that is rewarding at the end of the day. This habit can help ensure that you don’t forget your EpiPen lying around by accident. This is also why it’s important to put your EpiPen directly into your bag in the morning. As opposed to moving it to the counter or table where you think you’re less likely to forget it, just stick it in your bag right away.Check out our new menu


Remembering your (or your child’s) EpiPen is difficult. It’s so small and so easy to forget that it’s no wonder so many find themselves midday without it. However, in many cases, remembering your EpiPen, truly is a matter of life or death. Given this, we are constantly trying to come up with new tricks and ideas to help people stay on top of their EpiPen’s. There is no science when it comes to how best keep track of your EpiPen, and a little trial and error is always expected. Find the way that works best for you and do your best to keep from forgetting.