Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, traveling was not permitted or advised for anyone. People have been stuck at home with their kids and longing for a vacation and a way to leave their stress behind. The allergy community has felt this more than others. During the pandemic, restaurants that would generally be happy to accommodate people with food allergies are now overwhelmed with the new rules and regulations. They turn down people with food allergies.  

People with food allergies have been stuck at home, only eating home-cooked foods, no being able to eat out, and feeling very stressed. 

Now that the Covid-19 vaccine is available for people worldwide, many people have been thinking of traveling and taking a vacation. Many people have rented or bought an RV and have traveled around the country. While this is a good option, it still comes with a lot of food preparation and stress. 


Where is the safest place to travel to after the pandemic? 

Asia has handled Covid-19 pretty well. However, their cuisine is full of nuts, sesame, peanuts, and other dangerous allergens. The chance for cross-contamination is very high, and there are most likely no allergy-friendly places to visit. The UK is usually an option, but their Covid-19 situation is still not stable and still unsafe. Israel, on the other hand, is a very safe country post-covid. Most of the population in Israel are vaccinated, and the country is starting to open up to tourism in the coming months.

Food Allergy Concierge offers a variety of packages for tourists visiting Israel. Our trained health professionals and allergy experts provide a variety of food allergy concierge services that will help you enjoy an allergy-free and stress-free vacation! Here are some of our services:

  1. Itinerary & menu planning – we can help you plan a fun itinerary that will include safe food options all over Israel. We will also make sure that your menu is entirely safe from your allergens!
  2. Translated Food allergy card – our trained professionals can make you a specialized card with your allergens and food that you should avoid (specific to the Israeli cuisine). This card can be shown to someone at a hotel or restaurant, and they will know what you are allergic to and what you should avoid. 
  3. Food prep supervision in hotels and restaurants – One of our more premium services is food-prep supervision. We will send a team of allergy experts to the restaurant/hotel you are visiting, and they will supervise every step of the food preparation and make sure that it is safe for consumption. 


We ensure that allergens stay out of your food so that you can eat with confidence just like you would at home and enjoy an allergy-safe vacation!