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Challenges of eating out during gap-year

Hungry?  Want to grab a snack after night seder?  Your friends are all gathering around (ok, maybe a bit less with social distancing ๐Ÿ˜‰ ), chowing down on burgers, fries, or pizza, and you are crunching your apple.  That is the unfortunate reality of the life of an allergic kid during their gap year.  Itโ€™s such a hard decision.  Stay in North America where you know you are safe from allergens (clearly labeled and general awareness) or go to Israel where there is no awareness and no labeling, but be with your friends and have a year of learning in Israel. ...
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Where are all the allergy-friendly restaurants in Israel???

The food allergy community in Israel faces numerous challenges- from the lack of accessibility to allergy-free products to a culture highly focused on foods that include the most common allergens like sesame and peanuts, to a society that falls far behind in their knowledge and awareness of food allergies. Researching safe products is a full-time job, shopping in bakeries a faint dream, and ensuring adequate care within the school setting, a journey not for the faint-hearted. Itโ€™s no wonder that it is hard to find an allergy-friendly restaurant in Israel with a history like that. A quick search on google of...
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Elderly people with food allergies: PART 1

More than 54 million people in the US are aged 65 or older, with this figure expected to continue to increase over the next 20 years. Similar trends are seen across the globe, with 11% of the population classified as elderly in Israel in 2015- a number with an expected 77% increase over the next 15 years. In Israel, the percentage of the elderly population living in nursing homes stands at 4.5%, assisted living facilities 2%, leaving most of this population still living within the community. The presence of food allergies within the elderly community is currently estimated between 5%-10%. Still,...
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What does using an Epinephrine Auto-Injector feel like?

If you own an Epinephrine Auto-Injector, whether an Epi-penยฎ, Auvi-Qยฎ, or other, you most likely have read all you can about what an allergic reaction looks like, how to administer your auto-injector, and the importance of an allergy plan. And while there is plenty of information out there to help you start your journey- there are fewer resources to help you get a feeling about what itโ€™s like to have Epinephrine injected into your body. Hopefully, this article will fill in the gaps. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below. Important: Most patients who have passed away from...
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Psychological Allergic Reaction

Your child is squirming on the couch, picking fights with their siblings, and is irritable. You try to get him ready for bed- but heโ€™s difficult. Finally, after going to the bathroom, he settles down for a bit, and you can get his PJโ€™s on and brush his teeth. But then the bad mood comes back- heโ€™s just not settled, his gassy- and on the toilet again. An hour later, he is calm enough to go into bed- late again! And ohโ€™ so sad. You know itโ€™s going to be a long nightโ€ฆโ€ฆ Sounds familiar?   Emotional responses to food allergies...
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Allergies and Cancer- is there a connection?

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Day, we decided to explore the connection between allergies and cancer. Although breast cancer is more common in females, itโ€™s important to remember that it can occur in males. The importance of regular breast checks, as well as good lifestyle choices, cannot be underestimated. Please do your bit to protect and take care of your health. For information about preventing cancer, please click here. Remember, early detection of any cancer significantly increase the chance of survival and positive prognosis! Introduction There has been much hype in the past 30 years regarding a possible connection between...
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Dealing with an uncooperative teacher

Itโ€™s now a few weeks into the new school year- enough time for you to have (hopefully) met with your childโ€™s teacher and explained their needs, written and submitted a Plan 504 to the school, and assessed the level of care and accommodation your child has been given for their food allergies. It never ceases to amaze us, but every year parents across the globe tackle the issue of uncooperative teachers, staff members who either donโ€™t understand or donโ€™t believe in a childโ€™s allergies or simple miscommunications.   Parents are then faced with a NOW WHAT? What, if anything, is there...
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Traveling in Israel with Food Allergies

Traveling in Israel with food allergies is challenging! Did you know that 15 million Americans have food allergies, and 1 out of 13 children have life-threatening food allergies? Whether you are allergic to nuts, sesame, chocolate, certain cooking oils, or fruit, the fear of managing your allergies or having an allergic reaction abroad may hinder your travel plans to Israel.  Parents of children with severe food allergies are often drained after any travel when even trace amounts of the allergen can lead to a potentially fatal reaction.  The intense monitoring required is exhausting, leading one to think... why are we on vacation? Israeli and Mediterranean cuisine is indeed...
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Food Allergy Relationships - Asking the Right Questions

Whether youโ€™re a teacher with a first-time food allergy student, a neighbor that just had a food allergy family move in, or a significant other looking to navigate the makings of a brand new relationship, learning about food allergies is vital. For those living with food allergies, it is a major part of their everyday lives. They require special food they can trust, products that they deem to be safe, and people in their lives who are willing to go the extra mile to keep them from having an allergy. So, how does one go about navigating their new relationship with...
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Put a Label On It

Like so many of us, Katie Bryant, mother of three, is looking to provide her family with the best life possible. She is a homeschooling mother with three sons and no shortage of battles. Many of us in the food allergy community already know how difficult navigating life can be, and Katie Bryant is no stranger to those same struggles. When Katieโ€™s youngest son Sterling was a baby โ€“ still under a year old โ€“ he took a small bite out of his older brotherโ€™s peanut butter sandwich. The symptoms that followed of hives and breathing trouble are unfortunately all too...
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Going Back to School with Food Allergies During the COVID19 Pandemic

As the school year approaches, many parents are beginning to wonder what this year will bring. With the COVID-19 pandemic taking over all our lives, the school will undoubtedly be different. However, for parents of children with food allergies, the stress is tenfold. With recipes changing and school lunches being less prevalent, parents are beginning to worry about sending their children to class. Will common food allergens become a bigger issue with home lunches becoming increasingly more popular? How can parents best prepare themselves and their children for the changes in the upcoming school year? Speak to the School We know...
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Being a Supportive Partner to Someone With Food Allergies

Food allergies donโ€™t only affect the person with them, but the entire family. Their closest friends and family all need to be educated and sensitive in order to ensure their safety. However, when coming into a relationship with a person with food allergies, there can be a lot of confusion. It can be difficult to navigate the beginnings of a romance or even a committed marriage when dealing with food allergies for the first time. So, what does it take to be a good partner to someone with food allergies? Ask Questions As with any other aspect of relationships, communication is...
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Taking Allergy Safe Trips

Summer is a time for children to have fun. School is out, the weather is warm, and the days are longer. For many families, these months are a time for a vacation. Whether it be a week up north or a day in the city, the summer is a great time for family bonding. But, how do you take a food allergy child to an environment that you cannot control? Itโ€™s terrifying enough to send a food allergy child to school โ€“ a place where you do have some element of control. But when taking them out into the world, how...
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Feeling Guilty Over Eating Your Child's Food Allergy?

For many parents, eating their childโ€™s allergen is a source of great guilt. They struggle with whether or not to have the food in their home, with whether their other children should be allowed to enjoy the food and the terrifyingly large grocery bill for the allergy-safe meals. When parents are balancing their allergic child with their own wants and needs and those of their other children, they can often find themselves stuck with no right answer. We have taken a look at some of these issues and have tried to come up with creative solutions. After all, we all do...
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Things Not to Say to People With Food Allergies

There are a number of things that people with food allergies are forced to deal with throughout their lives: doctorโ€™s appointments, food anxietyโ€™s and at times, even social isolation. But perhaps the most tedious thing people with food allergies deal with, is the constant stream of comments from people who just donโ€™t get it. It is fine to ask questions โ€“ for many, it is even encouraged โ€“ all we ask is that before you share your opinion, you take the time to brush up on your facts. People in the food allergy community love to spread awareness and would be...
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Tips and Tricks for Remembering Your EpiPen

Whether you are just being diagnosed with food allergies for the first time in your life, or it is your child that is dealing with the difficulties, you have just been given a whole host of new responsibilities. Among those responsibilities โ€“ and arguably one of the most important ones โ€“ is remembering to take your EpiPen with you everywhere you go. What are some creative ways to stay on top of your EpiPenโ€™s whereabouts and ensure that you never leave home without it? Buy Two The easiest solution is to buy two. Many EpiPenโ€™s come as a package pair in...
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ืชืกืžื™ื ื™ื ืคืกื™ื›ื•ืœื•ื›ื™ื ืœืชื’ื•ื‘ื” ืืœืจื’ื™ืช

ื”ื™ืœื“ ืฉืœื›ื ืžืชืคืชืœ ืขืœ ื”ืกืคื” ื•ืžืชื—ื™ืœ ืœืจื™ื‘ ืขื ื”ืื—ื™ื ืฉืœื• ื•ื–ื” ืžืขืฆื‘ืŸ. ืืช ืžื ืกื” ืœื”ื›ื™ืŸ ืื•ืชื• ืœืฉื™ื ื” ืื‘ืœ ื–ื” ืžืื•ื“ ืงืฉื”. ืกื•ืฃ ืกื•ืฃ ื”ื•ื ื”ื•ืœืš ืœืฉื™ืจื•ืชื™ื, ื”ื•ื ื ื”ื™ื” ืจื’ื•ืข, ืžืฆื—ืฆื— ืฉื™ื ื™ื™ื ื•ืžืชืœื‘ืฉ ื‘ืคื™ื’'ืžื” ืฉืœื•. ืื‘ืœ ืื—ืจ ื›ืš ืžืฆื‘ ื”ืจื•ื— ื”ืจืข ื—ื•ื–ืจ โ€“ ื”ื•ื ืœื ืจื’ื•ืข, ื”ื•ื ื’ื–ื™, ื•ืขืœ ื”ืืกืœื” ืฉื•ื‘! ืื—ืจื™ ืฉืขื” ื”ื•ื ื ื”ื™ื” ืžืกืคื™ืง ืจื’ื•ืข ื›ื“ื™ ืœืœื›ืช ืœื™ืฉื•ืŸ โ€“ ืื‘ืœ ืžืื•ื“ ืžืื•ื—ืจ ืฉื•ื‘! ื–ื” ื›ืœ ื›ืš ืขืฆื•ื‘ ื›ื™ ืืช ื™ื•ื“ืขืช ืฉื”ื•ืœืš ืœื”ื™ื•ืช ืœื™ืœื” ืืจื•ืš. ื ืฉืžืข ืžื•ื›ืจ? ืชื’ื•ื‘ื” ืจื’ืฉื™ืช ืœืืœืจื’ื™ื•ืช ืœื™ืœื“ ืขื ืืœืจื’ื™ื•ืช ืื• ื—ื•ืกืจ-ืกื•ื‘ืœื ื•ืช ืœืื•ื›ืœ ืžืกื•ื™ื™ื โ€“ ื–ื” ืจืง ืœื•ืงื— ื˜ืขื•ืช ืื—ืช ืงื˜ื ื” ื›ื“ื™ ืฉื™ื”ื™ื” ื™ื•ื ืžืขืฆื‘ืŸ, ืžืœื ื‘ื›ืื‘ื™ ื‘ื˜ืŸ....
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World Allergy Week - Allergy Care Doesn't Stop with COVID-19

This year, the World Allergy Organization is hosting World Allergy Week from June 28th to July 4th in order to emphasize the importance of continued allergy care despite the COVID-19 pandemic. With so much fear and anxiety surrounding the coronavirus it is normal that other hardships โ€“ such as living with food allergies โ€“ be moved to the backburner. However, the reality remains that for people with food allergies, the everyday struggles surrounding their allergies havenโ€™t gone away. Now more than ever it is important that we remember that allergy care does not stop with COVID-19. Embrace Telemedicine For people undergoing...
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Allergy Safe Ways to Celebrate Father's Day

Fatherโ€™s Day is right around the corner and with that comes a time for celebration. Families all across the globe are getting ready to spend the day thanking and celebrating their fathers. From barbecues, to ball games, the ways of showing your dad some appreciation are endless. We have compiled a list of allergy safe ways to say thank you to dad and make this Fatherโ€™s Day, the best one yet. Home Cooked Meal Nice restaurants with cloth napkins and fancy waiters are a great way to celebrate any occasion. However, for people with food allergies, any restaurant can be a...
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Self Care Tips for Moms and Dads

Everybody knows that being a parent is the hardest job in the world. Momโ€™s and dadโ€™s all over the world spend countless nights lying awake with crying babies, and full lifetimes making sure their children are safe and happy โ€“ whatever that may mean. However, when your child is dealing with a food allergy, a parentโ€™s job is made that much harder. The worry and fear becomes something that other parents canโ€™t understand. Given this, we have compiled a list of ways to help these stressed out moms and dads relax โ€“ even if only for a little bit. Have a...
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What Our Clients Say

Meticulous in their preparations

During our recent visit to Israel, we really struggled to find food for our son who has anaphylactic level allergies to egg and sesame. We approached both restaurants and hotels and were told they were unable or unwilling to take responsibility for preparing his food.

 After learning about Dr. Eliana on-line, we contacted her in the hopes that she could provide a โ€˜normalโ€™ restaurant experience for our family.

 Both she and Shani were meticulous in their preparations with the restaurants to ensure that our son had a wonderful and safe experience.

 We truly appreciate their efforts to take care of our son, and to provide us with a lovely vacation experience.

T.M., Chicago, USA

Comfortable, calm, and at ease

We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the amazing gift you have given us over this Pesach- the gift of having you with us!!!!

We have NEVER felt more comfortable, calm, and at ease than we did these past 10 days. Your warmth, professionalism, kindness, and care shown through in all that you did.

My children are so grateful that they were able to be with you this Pesach. You made sure that they were so well looked after and they felt so at ease and comfortable with you! You were so amazing and approachable to them! And they LOVED all the food you so amazingly prepared (supervised allergy-free food preparation, managed menus) for them!

Itโ€™s very difficult for us to trust people when it comes to our kids and allergies. You magically were able to take away ALL of our anxieties, and nervousness (and we donโ€™t give that away so easily!!)

We can never fully thank you enough. We truly feel that you instantly became part of our family and we look forward to G-d willing being able to be with you and plan amazing trips with you many many many more times!!!! 

CO, Canada
April 2016

Very Helpful

Thank you and may Hashem bless you for the work you do. My son Jacob said your allergy card has been very helpful. I am so grateful- beyond words.

Yasher Koach!
L.R., NY, NY

Delicious and Safe

Thank you for delivering our allergy free baked goods to our hotel.  We just tasted the focaccia and it was delicious!

All the best,

S.C., New Jersey

Thank You

We can't thank you enough for assembling this top-notch team of specialists to work with our daughter while she is in Israel.

T.G., Philadelphia, PA

The Allergy Card was Extremely Helpful

"Food Allergy Concierge assisted us with a very helpful, detailed customized allergy card in Hebrew.  The Allergy card was extremely helpful for multiple allergies and allowed us to eat safely in several eateries and hotels. Highly recommended.โ€

G.A. Illinois USA

Allergy Free baked goods for the lockdown

My family ordered a week's worth of food from Food Allergy Concierge during the most recent lockdown. Having the food on hand, and knowing that it was safe for everyone in the family to eat, helped turn the lockdown into a stay-cation! We were still able to take a break from cooking and worrying, and we look forward to using FAC's services again in the future.

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