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Raising Food Allergy Awareness

Having food allergies is a full-time job. Every ingredient, recipe, and toy has to be checked and then checked again. For families that deal with this daily, it can quickly become difficult to navigate normal life. For this reason, food allergy awareness is important. By having more awareness for those in the allergy community, life for food allergies can improve dramatically. Steps like better labeling and safer school lunches can change the lives of those in the allergy community. Could you bring it to School? If your child has food allergies, then spreading awareness can be as easy as contacting a...
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Dating with Food Allergies

Dating is a prevalent part of all our lives. Children seem to be fascinated with the idea of love and companionship from a very early age. Given this, whether we are dating ourselves or parents of children dating, navigating new relationships with food allergies can be a big part of our lives. And with so much dating and courtship surrounding new foods and experiences, we must know how to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe while we date new people. Be Open For many singles with food allergies, there is anxiety around telling their date about their allergies. Many fear...
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Unlikely Places Your Food Allergy Could Be Hiding

For many people, food allergies can be all-consuming. With such extreme consequences, it only makes sense that avoiding these reactions becomes a full-time job. People will read labels excessively and double-check every ingredient in their meals. However, there are still several unlikely places where your food allergen could be hiding. Foods with unexpected ingredients and objects with unique bindings can all trigger allergic reactions. Household Objects to Look Out For Stuffed Animals – No one ever thinks that their stuffed animals could be a cause of concern – especially not when the concern is an allergic reaction. However, many stuffed animals...
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Using a Food Diary to Track Your Food Allergies

Whether you are working with your doctor to find out the source of your allergies, or just trying to keep track of your reactions, a food diary can be a useful tool. It can help you keep a balanced diet and provide you with a tangible piece of information to provide your allergist. And while a food diary in no place replaces medical testing, it can be a great first step to recognizing your symptoms and getting them under control. Why a Food Diary? When someone is experiencing allergy symptoms, the first thing their doctor wants to do is figure out...
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Pregnancy and Food Allergies

Many women, after discovering they’re pregnant, decide to change their diet. Whether it be the switch to making more nutritious meals or the push to eating fewer snacks, pregnant mothers are constantly looking for new ways to do what’s best for their babies. However, when it comes to mothers with food allergies, there are many hurdles in the way. Classic nutrient-packed foods like milk or fish may not be a meal-time option. For mothers with food allergies, getting those nutrients to their babies requires a little bit of thought and some helpful creativity. Gluten Allergy Many people worldwide suffer from a...
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Talking to Your Child About Food Allergies

Food allergies are a genuine part of our lives. Whether you, your child, a friend or a family member, countless people deal with them daily. Given this, providing your child with knowledge on this life-threatening reality is vital. However, explaining to your child why they are no longer able to eat their favorite food or have their favorite cake at their birthday party is never an easy conversation. That is why we must always remember the importance of open communication. Most children are more mature than we give them credit for and are eager to understand and help. That is why,...
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Food Allergies on a Budget

Food allergies can be difficult to navigate. Not only can they be the cause for great stress and anxiety, but they also require a great deal of planning and responsibility. Additionally, many people find that food allergies can require expensive groceries and specially made items that can really rack up that grocery bill. However, there are some ways to keep your food expenses modest – even with food allergies. Keep it Simple With so many food alternative options out there these days, it may be tempting to jump right into making that gluten-free, dairy-free mac and cheese. However, most of these...
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Keeping an Allergy Safe Home

 For people with food allergies, eating can often be scary. Without control over the kitchen, groceries, and utensils, it can be tough for them to trust that their eating is safe. Given this, if you, or someone you love, do live with a food allergy, it is important to ensure that you know how to keep your kitchen safe. Ranging from shopping to cleaning, every step of the process requires careful attention and understanding. Read Labels One of the simplest ways to ensure your kitchen's safety is to pay attention to what you are putting into it.  While many people get...
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Sending Children with Food Allergies to School

Most parents can understand the fear surrounding sending their child to school for the first time. Until that point, you had complete control over everything your child went through, from the moment they woke up until the moment they went to sleep. However, sending your child to school forces you to separate from them and trust others with their well-being. For many parents, this worry begins to ease after a few days, allowing their children the independence they require to thrive. However, for parents of children with food allergies, this fear may never go away. With so many possible triggers and...
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Living With Food Allergies

Finding out you - or someone you love – have food allergies is hard. Not only can this mean the end of eating your favorite foods, but it also can take all the enjoyment out of mealtime. With the severe reactions that food allergies cause, every meal can become consumed by fear and anxiety. That said, several tips and tricks make dealing with your allergies slightly easier. Read Labels This may seem obvious, but many people don’t understand the importance of reading their food labels. For one, many foods often have unexpected ingredients. Fish gelatin in yogurt, sesame oil in sauces,...
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How to Know if You Have Food Allergies

At times, people can find it difficult to identify the root of the symptoms they are experiencing. Be it itchy skin, watery eyes, or a swollen throat, any number of symptoms can be pointing towards a food allergy. That said, some other possible causes for these symptoms, begging the question: how is one supposed to identify when they have an allergic reaction? What is a Food Allergy? Before attempting to self-diagnose your symptoms, it is a good idea to gain a clear understanding of what a food allergy really is. A food allergy is an occurrence in which the body’s immune...
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Allergies Over the Holidays

Living life with food allergies can often feel restrictive – especially for those who developed their allergies later in life. However, as allergy awareness grows and the push for better options is demanded, plenty of food replacements and allergy-safe brands are beginning to emerge. That said, there is still one time of year that remains difficult for people with food allergies - the holidays. Navigating your way through a holiday meal can be as difficult as walking through a minefield. Whether it be because your relatives aren’t sensitive enough to your sensitivities, your friends don’t understand your situation's severity, or you...
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Supporting the non-allergic sibling

Sometimes it creeps up on you, for other parents- they start seeing the cracks but don’t quite know what they mean, and for a third (luckier!) group of parents- they have been warned to keep an eye out they know what to look for and implement strategies long before it develops into a real problem. It doesn’t matter which group you belong to. There is no guilt in the game (unless you count what we put on ourselves as parents -every day-!). What does matter are the steps you take next. We can’t control the past. We can, however, have a...
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Job hunting for the allergy teenager

When I was about 15, my doctor sat my mother and me down and told me that I had to avoid certain things in life, and there wasn’t much they could do about it. After undergoing a childhood filled with numerous allergy tests, the list in front of him detailed my complete lists of allergens. He also specified various career paths I should stay clear of when considering any future higher-education or job placements. Since water and soap are a big no-no for me due to my skin condition, on the top of the list were careers like swimming instructors and...
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Online Food-Allergy Support groups - join or avoid ?!?!?

30 years ago, when a child was diagnosed with a food allergy, not only did parents have to navigate the challenges of managing a child with this condition in a world with less awareness and education regarding food allergies, they also had to travel the journey largely alone; (aside for a doctor, allergist, and spouse, of course). Experts worldwide agree that having a strong and solid support system is instrumental in managing any significant challenge while staying emotionally healthy throughout. However, finding such a support group in the day’s pre-internet was very difficult. With the increase of social media and social...
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Help! My in-laws just 'Don't get it!'

With Halloween behind us- it’s not too early to think about Thanksgiving. And while most holidays center around food, which provides the obvious challenges for any food allergy family, Thanksgiving is unique as it is a time when families spend a lot of time together. Yay- sounds like bliss- families spending quality time together- what could be more beautiful! But what do you do when your extended family….. ‘don’t get it when the people who are meant always have your back, support you, and be there when others aren’t. What can you do (if anything) if your mother-in-law doesn’t believe in...
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Halloween- The trickiest day of the year

The Halloween holiday guide helps families who have children with food allergies navigate this fun-filled time safely and stress-free. Halloween is a holiday focused on the children- and with children who face the challenges of having a food allergy every day, it is a holiday that has special importance to them and can have a long-term impact on their emotional well-being. Halloween is all about the costumes- and it provides a child with the chance to blend in and be a part of the crowd- it is a chance when someone who lives with a difference or a challenge all year...
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Kids with Food Allergies are Safer Kids- study shows

An enlightening study published by The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology concludes that overall children with Food Allergies ‘are safer and more responsible children than those without.’ (See additional data from the study below) Food Allergy Concierge consulted with several professionals, including Judy Bar Eitan for a deeper understanding and insight into the findings of this study.   As the first study of its kind- it provides some encouragement for parents and children living intimately with Food Allergies, that although the challenges are huge at the end there may be some benefits that result from the journey. The study takes a...
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Can animals have food allergies?

You may be surprised to hear this, but in the same manner that humans become allergic to certain foods, animals can develop food allergies. There are 3 types of allergies in animals: skin, food, and environmental. To complicate matters more, the symptoms of these 3 types of allergies can overlap and appear as the same, making a diagnosis more difficult. The majority of animals don’t have a food allergy, rather a food intolerance or food sensitivities. Unlike food allergies, food sensitivities are a gradual reaction to any specific food in the animal’s diet, for example, beef, chicken, eggs, corn, soy, etc....
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Can you be allergic to honey?

There are approximately 320 varieties of honey which vary in color and flavor. Honey is made by honeybees using nectar from flowering plants and is a natural sweetener, and although it consists mostly of sugar, it also contains amino acids, vitamins, and antioxidants. It is commonly used as a natural healing treatment for coughs, burns, and wound healing. It is also a natural anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antibacterial agent. The BIG question- can a person be allergic to honey? Allergy to honey is rare, and although the exact figures in the general population are as of yet unknown- it is estimated to...
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What Our Clients Say

Meticulous in their preparations

During our recent visit to Israel, we really struggled to find food for our son who has anaphylactic level allergies to egg and sesame. We approached both restaurants and hotels and were told they were unable or unwilling to take responsibility for preparing his food.

 After learning about Dr. Eliana on-line, we contacted her in the hopes that she could provide a ‘normal’ restaurant experience for our family.

 Both she and Shani were meticulous in their preparations with the restaurants to ensure that our son had a wonderful and safe experience.

 We truly appreciate their efforts to take care of our son, and to provide us with a lovely vacation experience.

T.M., Chicago, USA

Comfortable, calm, and at ease

We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the amazing gift you have given us over this Pesach- the gift of having you with us!!!!

We have NEVER felt more comfortable, calm, and at ease than we did these past 10 days. Your warmth, professionalism, kindness, and care shown through in all that you did.

My children are so grateful that they were able to be with you this Pesach. You made sure that they were so well looked after and they felt so at ease and comfortable with you! You were so amazing and approachable to them! And they LOVED all the food you so amazingly prepared (supervised allergy-free food preparation, managed menus) for them!

It’s very difficult for us to trust people when it comes to our kids and allergies. You magically were able to take away ALL of our anxieties, and nervousness (and we don’t give that away so easily!!)

We can never fully thank you enough. We truly feel that you instantly became part of our family and we look forward to G-d willing being able to be with you and plan amazing trips with you many many many more times!!!! 

CO, Canada
April 2016

Very Helpful

Thank you and may Hashem bless you for the work you do. My son Jacob said your allergy card has been very helpful. I am so grateful- beyond words.

Yasher Koach!
L.R., NY, NY

Delicious and Safe

Thank you for delivering our allergy free baked goods to our hotel.  We just tasted the focaccia and it was delicious!

All the best,

S.C., New Jersey

Thank You

We can't thank you enough for assembling this top-notch team of specialists to work with our daughter while she is in Israel.

T.G., Philadelphia, PA

The Allergy Card was Extremely Helpful

"Food Allergy Concierge assisted us with a very helpful, detailed customized allergy card in Hebrew.  The Allergy card was extremely helpful for multiple allergies and allowed us to eat safely in several eateries and hotels. Highly recommended.”

G.A. Illinois USA

Allergy Free baked goods for the lockdown

My family ordered a week's worth of food from Food Allergy Concierge during the most recent lockdown. Having the food on hand, and knowing that it was safe for everyone in the family to eat, helped turn the lockdown into a stay-cation! We were still able to take a break from cooking and worrying, and we look forward to using FAC's services again in the future.

Very easy to order and communicate your needs

We are so lucky we found this company to help us while our son was traveling. They provided allergy-safe baked goods and delivered them to his hotel so he could have bread and pastries on his month-long Israel trip. It was very easy ordering and communicating his needs. I would definitely use the food allergy concierge again the next time he travels to Israel.

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