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Food Allergy Concierge Vacations
Food Allergy Concierge enables allergy-free luxury vacations.

Do you dream of travelling across Europe, experiencing a safari in Africa, exploring the history in Israel, the exotic landmarks of the Caribbean or maybe in the Far East?

Has the threat of an allergic reaction kept you closer to home? Maybe a family member’s anaphylactic allergies are restricting your dreams?

Enter Food allergy Concierge- the all-in-one concierge services for elite allergy-free travel.

Our preparation for your vacation begins before you even step on the plane. Whether or not you already have an established itinerary, your personal concierge can work with your travel agency; building your personal itinerary, tailoring it to fulfil your specific allergy needs combined with personal preferences.

Our teams of trained health professionals are here to supervise food preparation at every stage, guaranteeing you of a relaxing vacation, free of the constant food inspection which usually greets you whenever you are away from home. Working with your itinerary we ensure that you comfortably enjoy allergy-safe, worry-free travel wherever you wish to go.

Travel Related Concierge Services

We understand that flying is one of the most stressful parts of any journey; that is why we work on your behalf doing everything humanly possible to ensure your smooth and seamless travel, working with all parties involved in your air travel to create a cooperative environment for allergy-safe travel.

Our concierge services include:

  • Contacting all airlines involved in your travel in advance making the necessary arrangements for allergy travel.
  • Providing you with a letter written by a doctor describing your situation, requirements and necessary medication.
  • Preparing you with all the necessary information for allergy-safe travel so you feel confident and secure in your flight arrangements.
  • Supplying you with catered food and snacks for the journey home.

Food Related Concierge Services

Relish in the experience of fine dining together with your family minus the stress of sourcing allergy-free food. We have extensive experience organising high-end and kid-friendly cuisine so the whole family can enjoy. Our clients have enjoyed cruises, used our services for private, custom designed tours or have been part of travel groups. We are with you every step of the way allowing you to relax – and eat – in style, worry free so you can focus on making quality memories with your family. Working with the entire food preparation team we will ensure your meals are allergy-safe for your entire stay.

Our concierge services include:

  • For stays in hotels or cruises, we will meet with the director of food and beverage services, the executive chef, and sometimes the under-chef or sous-chef.
  • Monitoring all food being made by hotels, restaurants and caterers. We are present in the kitchen during food preparation and for the duration of every meal.
  • Meeting with the manager, chef, and/or owner of every restaurant on your itinerary to assure cooperation.
  • For restaurants, we make the necessary arrangements prior to your arrival preparing an approved menu in advance in accordance with your taste preferences. If a food provider is unable to accommodate food allergies, we will advise you about alternatives.
  • Reviewing the room service menu so you can order safely.
  • Inspecting all packaged items and snacks for allergens.

When we promise personal concierge services- we mean it, anything is possible, so contact us today with your specific needs and step back and watch us work our magic.

Start Planning Your Allergy-Free Vacation

You're invited to a free 20 minute consultation to learn more about how we can help you enjoy a luxurious, allergy-free vacation.

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Start Planning Your Allergy-Free Vacation

You're invited to a free 20 minute consultation to learn more about how we can help you enjoy a luxurious, allergy-free vacation.

Call us in the USA

Call us in Israel

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