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Our teams of trained health professionals are here to supervise food preparation at every stage. We assure you of a relaxed vacation, free of the constant food inspection which usually greets you whenever you are away from home.

We work with your itinerary to assure that you comfortably enjoy allergy-safe, worry-free travel wherever you wish to go.

Before your vacation

\Food Allergy Concierge can work with your luxury travel agency to build your itinerary, or you can contact us with an established itinerary.

We will meet with restaurants from your itinerary to prepare an approved menu in advance. If a food provider is unable to accommodate food allergies, we will advise you about alternatives.

Arrangements are finalized after speaking with the restaurants on your itinerary and approving the menu.

Assuring a cooperative environment for allergy-safe travel

Our preparation for your vacation begins before your plane touches down.

We will meet the manager, chef, and/or owner of every restaurant on your itinerary to assure cooperation.

For stays in hotels or cruises we will meet with the director of food and beverage services, the executive chef, and sometimes the under-chef or sous-chef.

We will work with the entire food preparation team to assure you of allergy-safe, worry-free meals for your entire stay.

During your vacation

Food Allergy Concierge will be working for you whenever you are in a hotel or restaurant. Ordering room service? We review the available menu so you can order safely.

We monitor the food as it is being made by hotels, restaurants and caterers.

We are present in the kitchen during food preparation and during every meal.

We inspect all packaged items and snacks for allergens.

Medical supervision for your vacation

Fotolia 32690900 XSWe are available for vacations in the US, Europe, Safaris in Africa, Israel, the Caribbean, the Far East, and other exotic locations.

While traveling in remote locations involves less risk of allergens from processed foods, the long distance from health care facilities must be considered. Food Allergy Concierge can provide extra medical staff.

Food Allergy Concierge medical and paramedical staff is available.

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