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Allergy-Safe Safari

For families like yours, international travel may have seemed out of reach and risky. UNTIL NOW.

Food Allergy Concierge's all-inclusive safari trip will allow you to visit and enjoy South Africa and stay safe and confident!

Allergy-Free Trip to Israel

Until now Israel was challenging for people with allergies. Nuts and sesame are a staple of the Mediterranean Diet and local awareness about food allergy safety is low.

The Food Allergy Concierge Summer Trip will allow you to visit and enjoy Israel and stay safe and confident!

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18 April 2019
Dear Food Allergy Concierge,One of the parenting questions which has been bothering me for some time is, can my allergic son attend summer camp? My son is allergic dairy, gluten and tree nuts, including cross-contact. My friends’ children all attend ...
15 April 2019
Serving customers with food allergies is more than just ensuring that food is allergy-safe. That’s the most important thing, of course, and we recently posted about how to explain food allergies to hotel kitchen staff. But guests don’t just want to b...
03 April 2019
If your family’s allergies require that you use gluten-free products, you’ll be glad to know that there are many gluten-free grocery items available in supermarkets in the weeks leading up to Passover.Passover is a Jewish holiday during which observa...